Today i was quite occupied by a search mission: As absence of a proof is not the proof of absence, I was searching for things and I had no proof to myself that those things aren’t in my possession any longer so I could stop searching and in one case buying a new one (would have been a nice inner excuse, because the old part wasn’t really up to spec, but good enough that it would be nonsense to buy a new one). So, I had to turn every stone here. Just did this today.

Found a lot of things I didn’t look for. Especially the chaos under my desk. Or to be exact: The chaos in my cable tray. I put a lot of effort into the cable management of my new desk. I put the power strips at the floor level in cable boxes. Connected by cable chains to the desk, cable tray under the desk, holes with grommets in the desk to guide cables from the systems on the desk into the cable tray. Put the cables to the monitor into the cable guides of the monitor arms that always remember me of the robots in Woodkids Volcano video.

Currently I’m searching for a way to fix zip dies to the textile bottom side of my couch with no area where mounts with adhesives would stay in place. I need to keep the cables for my smart bike out of the reach of my robotic vacuum. It should detect cables lying around but this detection is by far not that good than I thought. So, I must keep them away and currently the cables are just lying under my couch.

That said, the cabling inside the tray is still an utter mess. Looks like spaghetti. Just less visible. Started today to use zip ties with adhesive mounts to try to get some control into this chaos. Fixed the Åskväder power strip with some tape in it. Must shorten some cables. Will be a job for the last weekend of my vacation to complete this.

PS: I found the part, which absence would have given me a nice excuse …

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Joerg Moellenkamp

Grey-haired, sometimes grey-bearded Windows dismissing Unix guy.