About me


You either plan to retire as a manager or live long enough to see yourself becoming a grey bearded Windows-dismissing Unix guy

I’m Joerg Moellenkamp. Well, to be exact: I’m Jörg Möllenkamp. But I try to be 7-bit safe. Quite often even when I’m writing by hand. I have a love-hate relationship with diacritic marks. Love … because they are obviously part of my name. Hate … because I tend to forget them.

I’ve been working with computers as long as i can think. And I have earned money with computers as long as I can think of, too. Starting with 20 german marks to fix an AUTOEXEC.BAT on the computer of a local paint shop back when I was 14.

I connected a students dormitory to the internet with 2MBit/s WLAN with directed antennas when WLAN wasn’t a big thing. I helped creating an ISP in Northern Germany. I developed an image archive system for a newspaper. I was the service infrastructure senior director at a startup, building data centres on three continents (Singapore, Boston …. and a rather small city in the northwest of Germany, yeah i know).

Worked at Sun Microsystems. At the end I was a Principal Field Technologist (formerly known as Principal Engineer) there. Currently working at Oracle. Was a part of the Oracle Elite Engineering Exchange. Did many projects I’m still proud of at both companies.

I’m the author of the “Less Known Solaris Features” ebook. I’m the principal author of the “Solaris Cheatsheet”.

I’m living in Lueneburg2. I’m an enthusiastic traveller. I’m an avid road cyclist.3 I’m a vegan without proselytising intent. I’m the annoying guy asking for an oat-milk decaffeinated salted4 caramel latte macchiato but with a good reason for the former two and an acquired taste for the last. I’m the son of the best parents on this planet5. I’m the older brother of 5 brothers and sisters. I’m an atheist. I’m a mask-wearing, vaccine-wanting, distance-keeping sleep sheep. I’m a fan of California and San Francisco6. I’m a frequent flyer afraid of flying. I’m a sometimes grey bearded Windows-dismissing Unix guy.

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  1. “Moin!” is the usual greeting in many parts of Northern Germany close to the coast. You can use it the whole day. 09:10 in the office … “Moin”. 12:09 at lunch … “Moin!”. 18:00 at the supermarket .. “Moin!”. 02:13 at the döner dealer … “Moin!”. It’s just perfect for a world where every hour is the current time at some place. 

  2. I moved to Hamburg when i started to work for Sun, left it for several years for Lueneburg … sorry … Lüneburg, a smaller city near Hamburg and namesake of an adjacent heath with a beautyful inner city. Moved to Hamburg for a year, but now back to Lueneburg. Why? Long Story. 

  3. Or to be exact … i was, but i’m trying get back to this state of being avid. 

  4. A rather recent development. 

  5. Yes, I’m biased. 

  6. I used to love the city but the relationship cooled down with each visit seeing the darker parts of it.