It’s well before 06:00 AM. I’m sitting on my indoor bike. Somewhat motivated by the last visit to my scale a day before. Thinking that a longer distance ride may be something nice. Riding through an simulated France. And indeed … it’s a nice long ride while listing to music and podcasts. The counter stops at 75 km a little bit less two and a half hours later. You visit the scale again. Pleased about the number on the display, well knowing that it’s a lot of water that is missing. But the difference matters to me, not the absolute number. And I weighted myself a day before under the same conditions.

Looking into the Garmin Connect Portal, just to find this:

A screenshot of Garmin Connect reporting unproductive

Unproductive? UNPRODUCTIVE? What the …? What do you mean with unproductive? At least produced 75km? I know what the system wants to tell me, but couldn’t you have named it differently? Unproductive? Honestly, dear Garmin, we really need to talk about how you motivate people.

Written by

Joerg Moellenkamp

Avid bicyclist, likes california, dreams to combine both.