Went through two milestones this weekend. Did my 4000th kilometer this yeat on my bike today. Was a week with three 100km-rides, this accelerated things a little bit. I moved into the basement with my trainer last week and now i can ride early morning without disturbing anyone as the pandemic totally borked up my sleep/awake cycle. So i’m awake at 04:00 AM anyway.


Overall i’m now at 30000 km since i started cycling as a sport in April 2019.


As i already wrote a different place: Reaching 30000 km marks as well the time where i officially retire my Stevens Prestige to off-wheel trainer duty, so i won’t do any long rides outside with it. However i will keep it in a condition ready to ride when i put in the back wheel and will never give it away. As my current watch it was a companion through a quite transformative time and i want to keep both as mementos.

A new bike is already on it’s way. Perhaps i will write an article about it, but more about the fact that during a pandemic nobody really keeps you from doing borderline insane stuff when your usual voices of reason are socially distanced from you …

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Joerg Moellenkamp

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