This weekend i converted my old blog and into a Jekyll based version. The nice thing about Jekyll is that you create a fully static version of your website. So no mysql, no php , no scripts. This should allow me to keep the content of both blogs online without much maintenance .

Why do i still invest time in that and didn’t just put the site down? The content is still accessed on a frequent schedule as many things are still useful and current in regard of Solaris. As i didn’t wanted to go through 7000 articles i just brought everything online again, that wasn’t in draft (which i used to remove some stuff from visibility which is from a different time). So a lot of old stuff got republished as well. At the end essentially it’s the same content that was on since 2010.

A few points of order:

  • I’m aware that my approach to migrate probably broke a lot of links out there, but today content is just a google search away. Perhaps i will restore that as soon as i found a low maintenance way to do it.
  • The process to migrate everything into markdown was done by a script. I checked some files but at over 7000 entries i can’t check all of them. So if a page is absolutely unreadable please drop me a line. My mailaddress for this is
  • The layout may change in the comming weeks. Probably not.
  • is now deprecated, but the domain will work. The content of as been folded into
  • I would like to thank sys_adm_ama and isotopp for their discussion about a new blog framework. The idea to use jekyll is from their twitter discussion.
Written by

Joerg Moellenkamp