I’m back from Koblenz. My brother asked me to help to fetch something from this town and as was on a weekend and i’m on vacation the obvious answer was to ask “When?”. “When?” was on Saturday. Koblenz again. Out of whatever reason this city appears again and again in my life, while i never south of Oldenburg since I’m an adult.

I had my first IT training in Koblenz 30 or 29 years ago. Novell Netware 3.11. I have still a book about it on my shelf. I remember that I’ve killed a network card there because of a dumb error. I had to visit a hospital in Koblenz on a business trip a few years ago and got an important information there which led to some significant lifestyle changes. My current bike is from a company in Koblenz. I had one of my more successful performance tuning gigs in Koblenz.1 And there are a number of other examples. And again Koblenz on Saturday. I don’t know why of all cities (and there are many) in Germany, Koblenz reappears with this regularity. Every 5 to 7 years Koblenz appears and disappears. Strange.

Interestingly cities along the Rhine are somewhat important for me. Bonn for example is a city still deeply in my heart. One of my brothers was born in a city not far from the Rhine. And a few things more.

That said, to my knowledge Koblenz still don’t have a Starbucks City Mug2 … it’s missing in my collection. So i left the inner city of Koblenz aside and just went straight back to Lüneburg afterwards.

  1. There are many companies in Koblenz, so this discloses nothing. 

  2. There are rumours that Lüneburg will get a Starbucks. Don’t know how much truth is in this. I don’t want the drinks, i want the mug … but it seems that more and more location don’t get their own mug with new series. 

Written by

Joerg Moellenkamp

Grey-haired, sometimes grey-bearded Windows dismissing Unix guy.