I’am …

I you really want to know more about me, it is perhaps best to look at one of my social media profiles:

This is a personal blog! Really!

This is my personal blog. I really don’t blog during worktime. All opinions are mine and mine alone. It’s not the opinion of Oracle even when i write about products of my employer.

In case you are wondering, why blog entries appear during the day: I’m writing them block and publishing them based on some kind of “leaking bucket” mechanism. Usually the first article is published at 04:00, the second one is published at 11:00 right before lunch starts and a last one will be published at 17:00 if i have really written that much. Solaris content will be only published at 04:00 am, next Solaris article hopefully next morning. The other slots are reserved for personal stuff :)

So really: This is a personal blog!