Even more new options for svcbundle

Another addition to svcbundle was the addition to set

to directly create manifests for SMF that didn’t need manual editing to adhere to the best practice that you should run services always at the least nescesarry privileges.

svcbundle -s service-name=site/narf \
 -s start-method="/lib/svc/method/narf %m" \
 -s stop-method="/lib/svc/method/narf %m" \
 -s refresh-method="/lib/svc/method/narf %m" \
 -s model=daemon \
 -s user=webserv \
 -s group=webgrp \
 -s privileges='basic,!proc_session,!proc_info,!file_link_any,net_privaddr'
            <method_credential user="webserv" group="webgrp"

Please keep in mind, that svcbundle doesn’t check if the user or group actually exists on your system, because most often you will create a manifest in development and the user and group on you production systems may be totally different ones.