Nested properties

Yesterday i wrote about the new location of the persistent networking configuration. You may have noticed another feature in this output that went into Solaris 11.4

interfaces/net0/additional/ipv4-address astring

The decisive difference to pre 11.4 versions: Multiple slashes in there.You can have nested properties now. You can now create a hierarchy of your SMF properties in order to seperate them without having to emulate the structure with long names by substituting / with _. So you don’t need use grep any longer in your scripts to get subsets of your properties.

root@batou:~#  svcprop -p interfaces/net0/v4 svc:/network/ip-interface-management:default
interfaces/net0/v4/ipv4-address astring
interfaces/net0/v4/prefixlen count 24
interfaces/net0/v4/up astring yes