A thought about Solaris and AIX

“Vista is compared to Mac OS X what AIX is compared to Solaris. Starts to be a cheap rip off”

Testing methods for I/O

Ben Rockwood wrote an excellent article about measuring I/O bandwidth: IO Benchmarking: How, Why and With What.

links for 2007-05-24

Hanlon's razor - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (tags: Wikipedia)

AIX6 open beta

AIX has it´s own beta programm. It´s open. But no OpenAIX so far. But there is no real kicker in the new version so far: Workload Partitions ? Looks like...

IBM starts benchmarketing - today: TPC-C

Okay, it was too obvious to be surprised: IBM starts it´s benchmarketing run for Power6. And they start with the most useless benchmark: TPC-C. As some wise people said: TPC-C...

DTrace for Ruby

Joyent published their integration of Dtrace into Ruby and Rails. It´s a handy tool when you optimize your Rails application.

Solaris migration and instabilities

The instabilities of the last few days came from massive load peaks out of mail filtering. The system runs still with Linux, so The Solaris migration is postponed until further...

links for 2007-05-20

ZEIT online - Leben - Fernsehen : Die Simpsons sind Amerika (tags: Simpsons) gesche.online: die Konferenz re:publica 07 - Leben im Netz (tags: re:publica)

Moderne Gedanken

Modernität ist keine Frage des Geburtstages, sondern der Geisteshaltung: Wie könnte es sonst sein, das Rita Süssmuth sich in Interviews als moderner erweist, als grosse Teile ihrer viel jüngeren Parteigenossen....

links for 2007-05-18

Sun, allies broaden open-source chip push | CNET News.com (tags: Sun hardware chips microelectronics) Elgato turbo.264 - H.254 Video Encoder Hardware (tags: video h.264 encoding hardware mac apple appletv cool...

Opensolaris on mainframes - revisited

A somewhat underdone statement from the german spokesman of IBM. He said in essence: It´s not an official port, it´s done by an ISV, but we look at it. But...

Letters to your neighbour

Nathan Brookwood of Insight64 describes one of the stranger idiosyncracies of the Core2Duo architecture in one sentence: "It is as if you wanted to talk to your neighbour in your...

Opensolaris for Mainframes?

According to the german IT newspaper Computerwoche, the manager for the SystemZ product line in germany announced the development of Opensolaris for mainframes. Okay, from the technological standpoint this are...

Gefühlter Montag

Das Blöde an gefühlten Sonntagen, ist die Tatsache, das darauf meist ein gefühlter Montag folgt.

Sunrays for Windows

Nice article about SunRay-based desktop virtualisation for Windows at Verizon: The decrease in PC support has several components. One is simply fewer problems. “We went from an average of about...


A more sensible action to use the 5.4 billion dollars We buy back some of our stocks. First time im the last 6 years. A $3 billion buyback would represent...


Sorry, das hier gestern garnichts passiert ist. War in London. Es scheint übrigens so zu sein, das das die halbe Porsche Chayenne Produktion in der Innenstadt von London rumsteht.

ARM licenses Sun technology

Looks like a good move to create Sun Microelectronics. ARM licensed some technologies from Sun

A little known fact

Jonathan in an article about patents and open source: Net result? Our contributions, from Java to OpenOffice to Gnome and Mozilla, now account for in excess of 25% of all...

Greg Papadopoulos abot software patents

Mads pointed me to this good article written by Greg regarding software patents: Will we stop pursuing software patents on our software? Can't do that yet. That's simply because our...